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Kathleen B., Amazon reviewer of Project 2010 guide

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Nan, Amazon reviewer of Windows 8 Introduction

Keep this at my work desk. It is really helpful and easy to reference. I just started using Excel, co-workers are asking me questions about Excel. They don't know I have this little secret at my desk.”
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Donna Sparkes, corporate trainer

iOS 7 Introduction Quick Reference for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

4-pg laminated quick reference guide in a new, compact iPad-friendly format (8.5" x 5.5") showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use the iOS 7 operating system for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
Covers version 7.1. Includes links to expanded content on our web site. See topics below.
Watch a quick video of gestures for iOS 7!
See also the companion guide: iOS 7 Mail, Contacts, Calendar & Reminders

Click to enlarge

Price: $3.60

Volume Price

1 – 49$3.60
50 – 99$2.90
100 – 499$2.40
500 – 999$2.25
1000 +$2.00
1 – 49$3.60
50 – 99$2.90
100 – 499$2.40
500 – 999$2.25
1000 +$2.00

ISBN # : 978-1-939791-08-5

Note: Quantity discounts are by title.

The following topics are covered:

Switching Apple ID Accounts; Purchasing Apps; Updating Purchased Apps; Updating the iOS Version; Deleting an App; Organizing Apps; Adjusting App Settings.

Making Folders; Multitasking; Using Control Center; Changing the Wallpaper; Changing Sound Settings; Joining a Wi-Fi Network; Setting a Passcode Lock.

Adding an Email Account; Deleting an Email Account; Adding Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo Accounts; Safari Bookmarks, Reading List and History; Using Siri; Adding a Webpage Link to the Home Screen; Saving an Image from a Website or Email; Using iOS Search; Accessing the Camera from the Lock Screen; Using the Notification Center, Adjusting Notifications, Adjusting Privacy Settings, Setting Usage Restrictions.

Using AirDrop; Placing the Cursor Within Text; Cut, Copy, Paste; Using the Dictionary.

Forcing a Device to Restart; Switching On Do Not Disturb Mode; Switching to Airplane Mode; Powering Off.

Includes a List of Actions and Tips.

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